Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tuesday evening

I am enjoying a few minutes of downtime. Kat fell asleep on the way back from WallMutt. She nearly fell asleep in the cart. She was in such a deep sleep that she didn't wake up (I left her in her carseat) even when I carried all the groceries in. She was sleeping so soundly that I locked the car doors, ran inside, nuked leftovers, and snarfed them down while standing and watching her sleeping face through back window of the car from the porch. She was still asleep, so I ran downstairs, got the laundry from the dryer and carried it up to the couch to be folded and then went and put dog food in the dog dish - then dashed to the porch to see if she had come awake yet. Nope, she dozes. I really felt I was pushing my luck as she had been asleep for about 30 minutes at this point, so I quick went to the fridge and got her leftover bluberry/apple/pear baby food on the table with two spoons (one decoy spoon) and made a bottle and put it on the table 'cuz when I wake her, she will be hungry, then dashed to the porch to see if she had woke up YET. NO. So I went and got her out of her car seat and carried her inside. She fell asleep on the way in. I put her in her bed, noticing that it was 630 and thinking that she will be really hungry when she wakes up. Now it is 730 and she hasn't peeped. I have ordered a replacement cord for my sonny camera that I must have thrown away (which is why I haven't posted pictures of my Kat lately), read some funny blogs (sweetenedtaters.blogspot, growinglikeastanfield.blogspot, mamatulip.blogspot) taken some books upstairs, signed the Fed Tax Return (YIPPEE!) for Jill to deposit, looked for the camera/computer cord again (why would I throw it away? I may not be the fastest knife in the drawer, but jeez.., put away a BUNCH of laundry, put dirtys in the dishwasher and that child still has not decided to wake UP!
So do I let a sleeping child lie?
Daycare said that she napped from 1230 to 3pm then drank 5oz of formula then at cheerios at 430.

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Jenny said...

Kevin - As Kat gets older, her naps will consolidate, and her bedtime will move a bit earlier. (Especially since you both have to be up around 6am). The trick we had to play with Connor was trying to keep him awake in order to make it to bedtime as he was transitioning out of that evening nap. A long trip in the car is just enough to put her out - especially around 6pm when she's tired and hungry. At that time of night, hungry becomes tired... Connor has fallen asleep in his high chair with his clothes and bib on because we pushed him too late.
Instead of encouraging a nightime nap, it sounds like she's trying to move out of that and into an earlier bedtime, but because she's pushing it - that 6pm nap is becoming bedtime.
Try stimulation to keep her going at night and then transition into bedtime. See what happens. At first - she might be ready for an earlier bedtime, but sometimes when you get them fed and bathed - they do get a second wind in order to play before bed! =)

Good Luck!