Monday, April 14, 2008

wonderful Monday evening

I got home before Kat tonight so I was able to quickly microwave some leftover lasagna (Wife makes the BEST lasagna!) and then follow it with applesauce before the cutest daughter I have ever had descended upon me to spend the evening playing. She likes to play the game of climb over dad and escape from dad.

She has found that there is alot of dad to try and climb over. But she doesn't give up. She has her mother's determination and is pretty much convinced that there isn't any obstacle that she cannot conquer.

She has also discovered that dad's armspan nearly covers the width of the living room. Kat looks all cute and sneaky, then tries to crawl as quick as a Kat and get away from me. I let her get away until she is juuuusssst within arms reach and then hook her by the ankle and drag her back. We can play these two games pretty much all evening until bedtime.
I am so glad to be home to play with her.

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