Sunday, January 24, 2010

You say it's his BIRTHDAY!

The boy celebrated his birthday yesterday. It was a zoo with most of my in-laws over with their children and my mom. Our little house isn't really well equipt to deal with four little kids under 6 to run off their energy.

The star of the day had a blast with attention from everyone and CAKE!

I managed to keep very busy during the party with helping making lunch for everyone (pouring the ham juice down my front in the meantime) and constantly washing dishes and attending crying kids. Right after lunch I needed a time out so I went downstairs to the man-cave, took out my hearing aids and put on ear muffs to enjoys some peace. Jill brought me back up for cake.

Everyone had so much fun running around then having cake and ice cream. We had a back up cake and a pie so there were lots of choices for everyone. We didn't play any organized games as the older kids made up their own.

Kyle was pretty much passed from aunts to grammas all day long, he was the star of the party!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Help out a friend

I haven't done this before, but there is always a first time....
A friend of mine is in the hospital after getting treatment for cancer. She isn't feeling well and when I was talking to her husband, he said that he would like it if she received a 'boatload' of well wishing cards or notes.
So, for the price of a 41cent stamp, let's send Barb a get well card.
Send it to;
Barb Figgins
Room 7091
200 Hawkins Dr.
Iowa City, IA 52242.

If you have a holiday card left over, use it up by writing a nice note of encouragement and send it to a great lady who isn't feeling well.