Saturday, November 10, 2012

Another extraordinary day

I got home from Oregon around 1130 Thursday night. I had just driven a little over 100 minutes from the airport. While I tried to unwind, I read the weather forecast for the weekend and tried to plan what we would be doing.

I miss my family so much I want to spend every waking second with them until I have to fly away again.

69*F with some rain, some sun, some clouds.

Fantastic! I quickly make plans to keep Saturday as a stay at home day. A couple of weeks ago I took the Boy and the Girl to get their hairs cut. When the Girl was on the chair she informed Lisa that it was a Stay at HOME Day! The best kind of day.

So today has been unremarkable in its fantastic-ness.

We worked in the garden. Gave Max a bath. Chased the Chickens and gave them hugs. Searched for eggs all over the yard, in the coop, in the shed, under the bush. Darn chix won't lay in just one place.

We all took naps. Boy and I took two, we needed them. We have had multiple family hugs, where we all pile on top of one another and wiggle and squeeze. Or we stand in a tight group and squeeze.

We have had some drama, some tears, lotsa laughter, some Halloween candy, leftovers, and lots of hugs.

As much as possible Wife and I have distracted each other if we start to think about the stress of our jobs; both of which are very demanding as she travels and I put in long hours. If Wife notices a serious look, she distracts me with a pun or she tells the kids to tickle me. It works out well.

Mom stopped by with new clothes for the kids and we took time to take pictures for Xmas cards. Thank God for her keeping track of us.

I don't take today for granted; we are so blessed with riches beyond imagination. I pray for more days just like this one.

Thank You!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Middle of the night

It's been about 54 weeks since the longest night of my life.
Some things are easier. The days are busy and the evenings are busier.
The kids are growing so fast and expanding their worlds as much as they can.
Life is certainly an adventure and every day has experiences that both make me smile as well as roll my eyes.

Home from work late last night, Boy came out to say goodnight and give me a hug.
He crawled up on my lap and buried his face in the hollow of my neck.
"Give me a big hug", I said and he wrapped his arms around me and squeezed.
I squeezed him back only to hear, "buuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrp" beneath my ear.
He pulled his head back with a huge grin, looking into my eyes.

Life is so precious.

Then it is 3am again.
I wake up to a dream. Again.
I see myself continuing chest compressions as I yell.
I see the biggest blue eyes I have ever seen; a blank stare not seeing me.
I wake up. My mind a destructive tornado of thoughts that swirl around.
Vignettes of that afternoon. Songs from the radio. Projects at work.
Happy tears that what woke me up was a dream, only a dream that has the happiest of endings.
In spite of knowing the ending that is all good, I still see moments from that day - they flash before me.
Calming my mind to fall back asleep is beyond the discipline of my mind.