Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A rare reflective moment...

For me the saying "you don't have to believe in GOD, he believes in YOU" sums it up for me.
I work very hard to live a life by the golden rule... I often give to causes because "there but for the grace of GOD, go I"
While I haven't gone to an organized church in many years, I will go out in the woods or on my porch and watch the sun come up or the morning mist melt away and just KNOW that there is a higher power that loves us all, unconditionally.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I have been pretty frustrated in the past few months. As I have tried to work the issues and come up with solutions (lets face it, I like solving problems) I haven't had much luck.
As I had a 2 hour drive this afternoon, thinking about what frustrates me and why and what to do about it I began to wonder if these issues were hopeless.
Then, because I cannot focus for five minutes, I thought to myself.
If something is truly hopeless and there really is no overt action that you can take to change the situation, then the solution is Prayer.
If I cannot solve it or resolve it, then it is time to turn it over to the master.
God, I need help.
There, now someone smarter than me, who knows all the details and people involved, is working the situation.

new post

I have been busy as of late and have neglected my blog.
For all of you that have stuck with me and continue to check it from time to time, hang in there.
I spent Friday and Saturday at my MIL working on a variety of projects. On Friday, Dietrich509 consented to help with a little manual labor around the farm. And altho I was an hour late (or so) he waited me out so we could have a pretty enjoyable afternoon. It was great to talk to him and catch up on how his kids and family are doing.
Saturday was back to the farm to work on a bunch of other little projects. This time Bill and Ben came to help.
I want to say THANKS to the three of them for all of their help. Many hands helps work go faster.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What will it take?

I must confess, I feel like I am slipping back to jr. high. There is a girl that I wish would pay attention to me.
Every time she does say a word in my direction, my heart is lifted to new heights. I have tried being very overt, trying to get her attention and engage her in conversation.
I tried getting her to do things with me, maybe find a common interest in which we could spend hours, getting to know one another better.
I have tried subtly ignoring her, waiting to see if she notices that I haven't said anything to her that day; to see if she is suffering in any way from my aloofness. Not that I have ever noticed, so far.
I see that she is so ALIVE and that she is fun-loving and rambunctious. I want to be part of HER circle of friends so that I can be cool, too. She almost always has a smile and is ready to laugh.
I have noticed that she is only moody when she is tired; watch out!
I know that over time, we will interact more. Our relationship will develop on many levels. It seems that it will take so long and I long for her friendship now.

Do any other dads have this angst for their two year old daughters? Kat is SUCH a mommy's girl right now that I don't even get a hug on some days.
Jill tells me that I need to develop a consistent routine, something that is ours so that she is more used to me. I am trying to think of what that will be; a story perhaps, reading to her every night, perhaps a skills exercise working on colors or letters or shapes.
I don't know what it will be, but I cannot wait for my very own daddy's girl.