Sunday, September 20, 2009


I have been pretty frustrated in the past few months. As I have tried to work the issues and come up with solutions (lets face it, I like solving problems) I haven't had much luck.
As I had a 2 hour drive this afternoon, thinking about what frustrates me and why and what to do about it I began to wonder if these issues were hopeless.
Then, because I cannot focus for five minutes, I thought to myself.
If something is truly hopeless and there really is no overt action that you can take to change the situation, then the solution is Prayer.
If I cannot solve it or resolve it, then it is time to turn it over to the master.
God, I need help.
There, now someone smarter than me, who knows all the details and people involved, is working the situation.


Jenny said...

Very Deep, Kevin. Also remember from your 7 habits class the "circle of influence". What you can control and what you can't are very different things.

Hang in there. It gets better, believe me...

surprised mom said...

Sometimes I forget this, that God is there when my frustrations get too much for me. Thanks for this post.