Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What will it take?

I must confess, I feel like I am slipping back to jr. high. There is a girl that I wish would pay attention to me.
Every time she does say a word in my direction, my heart is lifted to new heights. I have tried being very overt, trying to get her attention and engage her in conversation.
I tried getting her to do things with me, maybe find a common interest in which we could spend hours, getting to know one another better.
I have tried subtly ignoring her, waiting to see if she notices that I haven't said anything to her that day; to see if she is suffering in any way from my aloofness. Not that I have ever noticed, so far.
I see that she is so ALIVE and that she is fun-loving and rambunctious. I want to be part of HER circle of friends so that I can be cool, too. She almost always has a smile and is ready to laugh.
I have noticed that she is only moody when she is tired; watch out!
I know that over time, we will interact more. Our relationship will develop on many levels. It seems that it will take so long and I long for her friendship now.

Do any other dads have this angst for their two year old daughters? Kat is SUCH a mommy's girl right now that I don't even get a hug on some days.
Jill tells me that I need to develop a consistent routine, something that is ours so that she is more used to me. I am trying to think of what that will be; a story perhaps, reading to her every night, perhaps a skills exercise working on colors or letters or shapes.
I don't know what it will be, but I cannot wait for my very own daddy's girl.


Jenny said...

How about something just fun? At 2 years old, it's just the little things that they love. At that age, Kyle started taking Tyler on rides in his pick-up truck to just "see the cows". Literally, Kyle would get home from work and Tyler would start asking, "Go see cows? Go see cows?" He LOVED it! Then they would just drive on gravel roads to see random farm animals and talk about corn, etc.

Maybe you need to remove her from home just to get her total attention.

For what it's worth, I'm sure most girls are "Mommy's girls" at age 2. My dad is my best friend in the world today, and I talk to him almost every day, and tell him everything from what is going on at work, to home, to school.

Your time will come. Maybe not now, but she will form a connection with you. Find something that you and her can do, just you two, together. Like I said, maybe away from home to move her out of Mommy's sight so you can have her complete attention.

She loves you!!!

dietrich509 said...

It can certainly be frustrating when you don't feel that you are part of their life.

Last month I was taking the girls to see my Grandparents, I get a phone call from Lisa who asks me if I have given Isabella anything for her headache. She had texted her mother to complain rather than ask me sitting next to her in the car.

surprised mom said...

We have two girls. From the time the oldest was a few days old she was a Daddy's Girl. She even told the youngest, still in utero, "I'm daddy's puddin' pie!"
When the youngest was born, somehow she became a Mommy's Girl. She figured Dad was already taken.
Now, however, the youngest and Daddy are two peas in a pod. They enjoy a lot of the same things, love going out together to visit different places and just really connect.
The oldest and I also connected, especially during her last year of high school Now she's in college many hours away. I miss my buddy.
Just wait, your little girl will be tagging along with you in no time.

dietrich509 said...

What will it take?

I must confess, I feel sick of this post. There is a guy that I wish would pay attention to his blog and post a new entry.

Do any other readers have this angst? I don't know when it will be, but I cannot wait for another post.