Sunday, August 30, 2009

Laughing at the absurdity

Jill and I went and saw Hangover this afternoon. My sweetheart of a mom watched our precious children so we could have a couple of hours to ourselves.
Much has been blogged about Hangover and if it is funny or just plain stupid. Jill and I agree that it really is both. It reminds me of Porkys (back in the 80s, check out IMDB) or Bachelor Party with Tom Hanks (again, IMDB). Lots of laugh but no redeeming qualities other than releasing lots of endorphins into your system from laughing. Come to think of it, that is a redeeming quality in and of itself.
Anyway, there is a scene in the movie where the idiots put a live tiger in the back seat of a squad car. And in the back seat of their car.
Jill and I are driving home, laughing about various parts of the movie, reciting punchlines that made us laugh when Jill turns to me and says, “that whole tiger in the backseat thing, I would have put him in the trunk”.
This broke me up as much as anything in the movie. Here is my super frugal sensible engineer type wife coming up with a REASONABLE way of transporting a live tiger in your car.

Maybe you just had to be there.


surprised mom said...

Here I am sitting down after six grueling hours of working in retail. I'm so tired and sore, I think I'm too tired to laugh, not that your wife is not funny. So, seeing the movie and then reading your blog will be a good thing. I need to release some endorphines, the good kind that come with laughing.

dietrich509 said...

It reminds me of the time I put a 3 foot long snapping turtle in the trunk. He was in the middle of an intersection by the elementary school and I drove him to the Cedar River.

I know an officer who once had to deal with an emu running at large in town, but his solution was fairly traumatic to the emu.

Anonymous said...

traumatic to the emu?
oh, no. please tell me he didn't... write a ticket?

dietrich509 said...

It was definitely more serious than just a warning.