Monday, August 17, 2009

Think Nat'l Lampoon Vacation

Golfed again at the company golf outing on Friday. I had a GREAT TIME! A few beers and about a thousand laughs; nearly a dozen balls and about a dozen double bogeys; laughter and laughter and jokes in five hours. All of these ingredients went into a VERY relaxing afternoon.
I wish I could have stayed for the party after golf but Jill and I needed to pack and get on the road for our first family vacation. We got everything packed and ready about 10pm. Since we were completely exhausted, we went to bed, planning to get up in the night and starting our trip in the dark.
I woke up at 3am and we were on the road at 4am. We thought Kat would sleep for the first few hours of the trip since she normally sleeps until 7 or 8 in the morning. No such luck. She sat in her car seat, wide eyed and curious as to WTH is going on.
Her first meltdown and fit came 29 minutes into the trip. As near as I figure she had a meltdown every 29 minutes after that. I shut off my hearing aids an hour into the trip. I brought earmuffs for Jill and she put them on so we could travel in silence.
There isn’t much to say about the next 17.5 hours except that I contemplated jumping out of the car so I wouldn’t have to make the return trip. Or leaving Kat at a truck stop. Oddly enough, 2 year olds don’t travel well in spite of having toys, games, and a video player.
We did manage to get pictures of all the interesting things in Western Nebraska as Jill drove through it at 85MPH. They are shown throughout this entry.

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surprised mom said...

Well, the vacation got off to a loud start. Yes, now I remember, two year olds don't make the best traveling companions, especially in a car.
85MPH? Was it something Kat said?