Friday, July 31, 2009

The summer is flying by!

It is another Friday Fragment kind of day. This time with pictures!

As the family gets ready for vacation we have a BUNCH of things to get taken care of.
Jill harvested 1,500 onions from the garden so that they can start drying. I have been doing maintainence on the car. After all, if your battery explodes, it must be time to replace the plugs and belts, brakes and fluids, right?
And the house. My advice to you, wonderful readers, is this; NEVER buy a used log home. I have been caulking all of the logs and will be staining them. As I go around the house and look for weather checking I am finding evidence of years of neglect. Another thing about log homes most people (myself included) don’t realize is that every other to every four years you have to inspect and caulk the entire outside of the house, all the way to the roof.

The little guy had his 6mo check up this week. He is 18#1oz and is 29inches long. The doc says he is in the 95th% for height. Just like his sister. It seems Jill and I are raising tall children. I had the pleasure of getting the little guy to sleep on my chest last night. I cannot convey the feeling of having the boy drink his bottle, pass out in my arms, and snore at me. When we were at the DR office, I had a list of things we were concerned about… he doesn’t sit up yet, he doesn’t hold his bottle on his own, he doesn’t really want solids much, he spits up periodically – a lot! The doc listened to my litany of whining and then asked what we expected, he is only six months old. Apparently, he isn’t going to keep up with his sister as she does things – go figure!

We introduced Kat to watercolors a week ago. Crayola Crayons makes really neat watercolors balls that are just right for small hands. Kat’s canvas of choice is herself. As soon as we get the paints out, she paints her tummy blue and her arms read and her legs are either blue or yellow. Then, once she is painted, she wants to HUG everyone. Or sit on their lap.

BTW, the round things by Kat in her paint picture are zucchini! Jill found a round zuke in Johnny’s Seeds and thought she would try them out. They are really good and tasty. So far we have tried Zbread, grilled Z, Zbrownies, saute’d Z, eggs & Z. I cannot wait to see what me try to do with that stuff next!

I also wanted to share that I golfed again… First time since 2006. I didn’t count the strokes, but I did get around 9 holes in just 4 balls. For not having played for three years, I was terrible. I am happy to claim that I was able to drive the ball past the ladies tee on all of my tee shots. Not by much, mind you, but past is past. We had a lot of potential in our foursome. I don’t know for what, but the potential is there.


Jenny said...

I like this post! It's a perfect capture of your life right now! =)

Trish said...

Well let's see...z-calk the house?
Obviously the girl is going to grow up to be a tatoo lady in a circus. :) She's an artist in the truest sense of the word. The world is her canvus. The boy, like mom says is mellow. He's a happy baby and that's what is important.

♥georgie♥ said...

that is A LOT of Onions!!! those pics are too cute for words...stopping by from barbs FF

Mrs4444 said...

Glad you're mixing a little bit of play with your hard work :)

Loved picturing your little drunken sailor :) I hope your doctor did say to bring him back in if he's not sitting up within a certain period (I don't remember what that is.) Early intervention in these things makes a BIG difference.

Don't forget to link back to HPKT with your fragments. It's as simple as linking to the words Friday Fragments. In Edit mode, just highlight the words, click on the little link in the tool bar, and paste in the URL for my FF post. (Let me know if you need help :)

surprised mom said...

I absolutely LOVED the photos. I was giggling out loud at Kat and her painted body. Your baby just made me go AWWWWW. My girls were late to do everything, sit up, feed themselves, walk, talk. My doctor was great with all my whining. My girls just did everything on their own time tables. Both were also tiny. I worried about that, too. I wish I would have spent less time worrying.
I'm impressed with the number of onions your wife harvested and with the round z's. You made me hungry with your list of the z menu.
I hope all of you have a wonderful vacation! Maybe you'll post some of those photos, too?

loren said...

I like that method of golfing... not keeping score, just keeping count of how many golfballs it takes to get through a round. Hmmm. I may try that!

dietrich509 said...

I remember when I was a kid, Mom and Dad planted zucchini in the garden. They had more seeds than space to plant them, so the extra was thrown into the ditch. Zucchini took over the ditch and we had more than we could eat, apparently more than the goats could eat too because they quit eating it.