Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Fragments

I have seen FF on another blog for ages and tonight it strikes me

Kat's supper. Usually Wife and I are pulling our hair out to get the girl to eat... I hope she eats a ton at daycare because at home she doesn't eat boo.
Tonight she ate; half a pack of raman noodles, one hot dog, 1 slice of watermelon (and it is 60* outside), pretzel sticks, chips and salsa, diced tomatos, and about half of my spicy taco. I don't expect her to eat for the rest of the weekend.

Maybe the reason she ate so much is that I didn't make her supper until we got home from running errands at 718. After work, I picked up the pair of them and went to buy a jogging stroller... I guess Kat wants to jog more. After that we went over to Blondie's house so she could see the kids. I have worked with Blondie for years... she is the hottest 42 YO mom I know... she makes parenting look simple and easy. She has two awesome kids that are very well behaved. Her husband is a great guy even though he is a fanatic Steelers fan. After Kat terrorized their cat for half and hour and Kyle spit up on Blondie, I headed for home. All the way home I fed Kat pretzel stick cuz she was STARVING.

Jill is out tonight having a much deserved evening to herself. She pushes herself at work something fierce and is determined to do everything she can in the garden and for the kids... I HOPE she is shopping for herself and relaxing and enjoying her evening.

OH! before I forget, We are taking a FAMILY VACATION!!! There is no doubt in my mind it will rival the Griswold vacations... We are driving with our two kids to Estes Park, CO in August. Wife and I need a vacation, but we couldn't pawn the kids on anyone so they get a vacation with us. The only consolation is that neither kid can say.............. "Are we there, YET?"

All for now, more to come over the weekend.


surprised mom said...

Kat sounds like my niece, this time. My niece is very thin and you would think she eats nothing, but that would be WRONG. The child, since she's been with us, eats like a storm trooper. She devours everything that is protein and almost nothing that is refined surgar, hence, the thiness. (I wish I ate like this!)
Your friend sounds wonderful.I think it's great she can be described as the "hottest" 42 yo.
A women's night out is so very important! I'm glad she's taking the time.
Oh, and how I envy you your family vacation. We haven't been on one for awhile. I hope all of you have a spectacular time! And since your children can't say it, I'll say it for them, "ARE WE THERE YET?" LOL

Mrs4444 said...

Welcome to Fragmenting, K'Man! You're a natural :)

Your daughter eats like a lumberjack, huh? Sounds like a growth spurt to me, and yeah, waiting to eat late is smart, too.

Enjoy your well-deserved vacation, and be sure to tell your wife that she is the hottest mom of ALL! :)