Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kat turns TWO! (already?)

My Mom wrote this poem for her (favorite) granddaughter. I post it with permission.

Upon turning Two

She’s become more independent with the passing of each day.
She stops her foot and shakes her head, she wants it done her way.
Her stubborn ‘no’ may yet mean yes, she really isn’t sure,
But she says it often now because she hears it said to her.

She hears a noise, ‘what’s that?’ she says, she looks expectantly
She waits for me to tell her, be it plane or bus or bee.
She asks ’what’s that?’ for everything she sees that’s new to her,
She wants and explanation, plain and simple that’s for sure.

Standing upright on the stairway, she slowly makes her way
Downward one step, then the next, safe for another day
It gives me pause; my mind speeds up like wind set in a sail.
For the scene I see, as I look up, she’s in her wedding veil.

By Gma Pat


surprised mom said...

Happy Birthday little Kat! Time flies doesn't it? She's adorable, by the way and the photo of her asleep in crib has me going awwwwww.
Your mom's poem was wonderful and thoughtful. I had a lump in my throat reading the last line. My girls are 18 and 15 and that day may come sooner than I am ready.
Great post!

loren said...

Welcome to the big 2, Kat! Time to really drive the parents crazy ;)

dietrich509 said...

That reminds me, I haven't told you the news: my little Boo-Boo Bear proposed Friday night to his girlfriend (she accepted).