Saturday, November 29, 2008

child labor, part III

In the tradition of the last person to leave the table has to do the dishes,

Kat lingered a little too long over the garlic mashed potatoes and honey cured ham (which were AWESOME, along with the sweet potatoes with pecans).

I was impressed with her ability to improvise in order to load the dishwasher.


As I mentioned in the last post, Niecey WANTED to have her picture taken. As soon as she heard that her daddy was going to put up the backdrop, she ran upstairs to change, then browbeat her grandmother into brushing and styling her hair.

Such drama, er, dedication deserves her own post.

Picture Time!

So somebody says, “While we have all of the grandchildren here and Gramma, let’s take a picture.”

Good luck. The oldest granddaughter runs and puts on her dress and stands in front of the backdrop. She WANTS to have her picture taken. SIL puts nice clothes on the oldest grandson, which he objects to continuously.

Nice clothes are put on the youngest grandson. He doesn’t mind the clothes, he just doesn’t want to be pictured with these other wierdos.

Youngest granddaughter would rather eat corn chips and play. Gramma’s okay, but sitting here is a pain.

Whose bright idea was this anyway?

As I watched these antics with the various moms and dads scolding, pleading, cajoling their children to sit and smile and play nice, I was reminded of the saying I heard somewhere.

All day long, I herd cats.
Once, one got away.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

sneaky daughter

Well tonight I had one of my first, “It’s too quiet in there.” The little girl had gone into her bedroom for a while. I assumed she was just playing quietly. She came out carrying a baby wipe. Oops, where did she get that?
When I went into her room, I looked around. What was out of place? Why was the diaper pail lid cocked over? When I looked, I saw part of a sock sticking out.
A sock? Why would there be a sock in her diaper pail?
So then I noticed that all of her clothes were off of her dresser. A new trick she learned, she can reach the top of her dresser and pull her clothes and changing supplies off the top. But why would there be a sock in her diaper pail?
So I opened the lid to her diaper pail and what greets me? All of her clothes stuffed into her diaper pail. She has seen us drop her diaper in the pail and pull the lid over, dropping the dirty diaper down into the plastic bag. She must have thought it looked like fun so she first put all of her socks in, then a couple of onesies, a pair of shoes, a comb, a tube of dr ointment and some pants.
Great….. Just what I want to do is reach into the diaper pail and rescue her clothes.
Silly girl.