Monday, August 17, 2009

vacation day two

Today, Kat slept until 8am Iowa time. She was pretty tired. We were all pretty tired. Jill was smart and drank lots of water. I woke up dehydrated and sick from altitude and tired.
After a very restful morning, we went to downtown Estes Park to wander from store to store. We were off to a great start when we realized that Kat had poured her entire cup of water into the seat of her jogging stroller. Then we found a children’s park. Kat had a BLAST playing on the slide and jungle gym.
Until someone’s balloon blew by and she couldn’t have it. That started a meltdown that lasted all the way back to the condo.

After supper, we played games and rested. Mom and Fran arrived around 7pm.
Not a lot of exploring or activities, but we are here and rested, somewhat.

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surprised mom said...

I'm not sure where you are but the last picture is gorgeous. Kat certainly looks like she's having a great time. Did you join her on the slide or swings? When my girls were little I'd swallow my fear of heights and take them down the slide. They giggled. A lot.
Balloons and kids, it's something else. My former dentist used to give hellium ballons to kids. My youngest was a little over 1 and said the word balloon, except it came out "badoon" to her father over 100 times while he was waiting for me. I missed it.