Thursday, August 20, 2009

Brotherly love

Lots of fabulous pictures coming from my vacation. I know you don't really want to see them, but some have the cuteness that is my son in them. THAT will make it worthwhile.
But on to brotherly love.
Jill and I have noticed lately that the boy will do everything he can, including fighting sleep for nearly 30 minutes just to watch what antics his sister is up to. Really. In the car while we were driving around the mountain on the most treacherous road I have EVER driven, Kat was howling and Kyle was laughing... At her. A LOT.
He even reached out for her and tried to take her hand and reassure her. She flipped his hand back and howled, "NO, Ky-ell!" (she adds the second syllable)
Tonight when he had eaten his fill and hadn't slept in nearly four hours, I carried him to the couch and tried to put him to sleep. Unfortunately, his sister was on the other side of the couch having her supper. (lasagna and berry apple sauce) He fought sleep to watch her and everything she did for nearly half an hour. If she flopped over out of sight, he squalled until she sat up. It wasn't until Kat left the room that he started to rest his head on my chest.
We have noticed this trip that he will sit up on his own to see her. And crane his neck around to see her while we were hiking. If he can hear her voice he imitates a giraffe trying to see her.
As near as I can tell, he is taking notes on how to be a drama queen by the age of two. Oh well, it worked for Freddy Mercury.


Mrs4444 said...

My daughter was the same way about her big brother, seemingly from Day 1. She has always worshiped the ground he walked on. However, he basically stiff-armed her on most days until this year. She'll be a freshman, and he, a senior. It's so beautiful to see their relationship has blossomed into such a wonderful friendship.

surprised mom said...

My youngest just adored my oldest when she was a baby. She wanted to be around her all the time. These days at 15 and 18 they are friends as well as sisters. It's a great thing to see. I think they will miss each other a lot this year with the oldest in college . . . far, far away. . .

And I'm looking forward to your photos!