Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A rare reflective moment...

For me the saying "you don't have to believe in GOD, he believes in YOU" sums it up for me.
I work very hard to live a life by the golden rule... I often give to causes because "there but for the grace of GOD, go I"
While I haven't gone to an organized church in many years, I will go out in the woods or on my porch and watch the sun come up or the morning mist melt away and just KNOW that there is a higher power that loves us all, unconditionally.


surprised mom said...

I usually have these moments when I'm sitting on my sister's deck in her Michigan house. She's on a small lake and I usually get there once a year right before Thanksgiving. I take my cup of coffee, go out there and listen to the ducks and other wildlife, and the lapping of water. It's so quiet and peaceful, I also KNOW there is a God that loves us all.
I don't go to church regularly anymore for various reasons, but none have to do with God. It's the humans at the church I attended that ruined it for me. But, in those moments on the deck, I believe I say my most heartfelt prayers.
Thanks for this post.

dietrich509 said...

The stories my wife could tell you about how "loving" church folk can be. She has a book entitled "People Who Love God but Hate the Church" that is really interesting. One of the fastest growing populations from a religious perspective are those that describe themselves as "non-practicing catholics".

As someone who is up by 0500 every day, I don't think there is a more spiritually powerful moment than when the sun first breaks over the horizon in the morning. I can't help but stop and thank God for this beautiful moment.