Sunday, September 20, 2009

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I have been busy as of late and have neglected my blog.
For all of you that have stuck with me and continue to check it from time to time, hang in there.
I spent Friday and Saturday at my MIL working on a variety of projects. On Friday, Dietrich509 consented to help with a little manual labor around the farm. And altho I was an hour late (or so) he waited me out so we could have a pretty enjoyable afternoon. It was great to talk to him and catch up on how his kids and family are doing.
Saturday was back to the farm to work on a bunch of other little projects. This time Bill and Ben came to help.
I want to say THANKS to the three of them for all of their help. Many hands helps work go faster.

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surprised mom said...

Good friends make the world go round and make life more bearable and enjoyable. It seems you have pretty good friends. I cherish mine and it seems you cherish yours.

I'm catching up on blog reading, that's why I'm so late in commenting. Working six days a week doesn't leave much time to enjoy reading my favorite blogs. I really like reading yours.