Friday, October 2, 2009

Sick people everywhere

Knock on wood.
I haven't been infected yet.
I feel like I am in the "Invasion of the Body Snatchers".
Wife is sick and nasty with coughing and how she sounds.
boy is happy and sick, smiling while he has snot running down his nose. He has no appetite because I think his tummy is full of mucus.
girl is sick and angry, she doesn't understand WHY she cannot breathe, she just wants desperately to breathe.
Not me. Not a cough. Sinus is clear. I am barricaded behind hand sanitizer and distance. and lysol. When I hold the boy or girl, I wash afterward. If I share the bed with the sick wife, I lay on the edge, on my side, facing away. If she touches me I spray with lysol and use hand sanitizer.
I am seriously thinking of moving to the basement. Better might be to move into a hotel for a week or so.
I'm gonna survive this... Yep, I am gonna stay healthy.
I was sick last time, but I am not gonna get it this time.


loren said...

Good luck! I always catch the crud the kids bring home. Fortunately for them, they're usually better within a day. Me? It's as if I've caught the plague.

I hope you avoid it. I suggest a plastic bubble.

surprised mom said...

Ok, this post is five days old, so I'll have to read your next post to see if you catch anything. I ALWAYS catch what the family brings home. Share and Share Alike is our motto. . . no matter what we're sharing.

Finnskimo said...

You know, because we live in a small town, and everyone's kids go to the same school and daycare and boys and girls club... the CDC says that 86% of our population has the Swine Flu.

So, consider yourself lucky! :)

Or you could come to our quarantined village and hang with us pigs!