Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mothers Day - May 11!

OK, I am looking for as many suggestions as I can get, readers.
What is the right thing to do for Mother's Day?
Is a card sufficient? Do I get one from me & Kat? Or one each from me and Kat?
Should their be a gift involved (suggestions are appreciated)
Is it enought to get flowers and a card?
Or if you really know Wife, should I get her a card and some compost?
Let me hear what you think, send me suggestions please.
And if it isn't too much trouble, tell me amusing Mommy Day stories that you may have inflicted on your mother/spouse/Mother of your children or have been inflicted upon you. Has anyone gotten a spatula for Mom Day?
And she STILL isn't awake.


loren said...

Hmmm... last Mother's Day I spent in Chicago with Mike and another couple while my mom watched my children. That was a good gift!

Anything that's personal is a good gift. I want to create a garden in our backyard, and we need to finish our basement, so anything that gets us closer to achieving those goals would make me a happy mommy!

Don't buy cut flowers, buy her a plant if you go that route. It'll last longer. And make sure it's not poisonous (google). Good luck!

Sandra said...

Yes to a card each of you and kat. And a gift for sure. My favourit mothers day gift is each year when my husband made a video montage of the photos and videos taken that year (pregnancy year, year 1, etc) and sets it to a sentimental song. A book is always nice. My best friend gets jewllery each year. Something personal and that lasts rather than flowers ... that's my suggestion. Sorry you both won't be able to make it to BFF ... maybe next year.

Anonymous said...

Shirley says...
I believe the best Mother's Day gift was when my children and husband bought me a flowering crabapple tree. We spent the afternoon picking it out, planting it and now watching it grow with those memories of that day. It was the best! It is now a part of our family.