Tuesday, April 15, 2008

74 feet below Ft. Lauderdale

Attached is a picture of me from my dive on Sunday in Ft. Lauderdale beside the wreck called "The Scutty" I am at 74 feet beneath the surface. Or as the Dive Instructor pointed out, my feet are about 75' below the surface, my head was 68.5' below. As you can see, everything is "O.K."

I had a great time diving. I had decided to begin dives for my advance open water certification. In order to get that, I need a navigation dive, and a deep dive (deeper than 60') along with three other adventure dives such as night dive, drift dive, wreck dive, boat dive, computer aided dive. There are more, but in this one dive I actually completed the wreck dive, boat dive, deep dive, and the computer aided dive. Mike the instructor only signed off on the one dive, the deep dive. Since the purpose of diving is to get more dives, he didn't want to sign one dive as four. Makes sense, as I want to dive more, anyway.
This picture is of the captain of the second wreck we swam on during our deep dive. Before the dive, Mike told us that when we got to the wheelhouse that there would be a 'cuda hovering inside. When we got there, Mike looked inside and gestured that the captain wasn't in. About that time I noticed the biggest 'cuda I had ever seen. With eyes as big as saucers, I pointed out that the captain was over the wheelhouse. The picture doesn't do him justice (Bekah was afraid to get to close, I think). The captain is over 6' long and as big around as my thigh. And I would judge that he had a solid foot long jaw, FULL of teeth. Very impressive.
The picture at the end is of my fin and the fish that followed me across the bottom. Bekah said that this goofy fish followed me around like a pet. It hung around long enough for her to get a picture, which takes awhile.

We were supposed to have a nigh dive Wednesday night, but the weather didn't cooperate. Since the three of us hurled on the boat when we finished our dive (and those were only 4' waves), Mike called the trip Wednesday which saw 6' waves.

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