Friday, April 18, 2008

typical (?) evening

I am now done with school. For now. There may be things I want to learn or get certified for. But until Wife is done with her school, I am done with school. So I get to have my evenings to myself. Sorta.

Wife has class on TTh evening. So I race out of work at 430 and drive like a maniac to get the Kat. And I swear, I don't learn or remember anything from each experience. Every evening is like a new adventure for me. Last night I ran errands before picking her up, then got her and took her to WalMutt to pick up milk and cereal and a couple of other goodies. I knew I was done shopping when she told me so. I was looking for a footed sleeper for her (couldn't find one, she slept in sweats last night. again) So she kinda whine howls at me that she is ready to go, ummm, NOW. Check out, install her in the car seat and get her home. Once we are at home we have the adventure of eating. Feeding her went really well, food wasn't too runny and she was HUNGRY and ate her puree'd peas and drank her formula and was ready to play.

So we played. crawled all over, and I read her a book. Crawled some more, I read her goodnight moon. Let the dog in from the rain and then Kat and I played with the dog who REALLY wanted to play. She was bouncing around in front of Kat, nosing her then spinning around to nose her again, only to bound away and back. Kat obliged by waving her hands in the air, all excited by the goofy dog in front of her.
Then came bedtime after only an hour of play. The challenge and adventure of changing and dressing for bed. She was in better form this time and actually escaped. It was harder to get the diaper off, and when I did, I ended up wiping her while she was standing and putting her diaper on while she was standing! Little stinker. Then dressed her in sweats, cuz we don't have sleepers that fit her. but when I tried to lay her down for bed, she stood up and howled at me.
Now comes the good part.
I picked her up and went and got the bottle I made while she and Maddie were playing on the porch. I carried her to the couch, her all wrapped in the blanket her G'ma made her, snuggled her in my arms and let her have the bottle. She drank 3 oz and passed out. In my arms. On my lap. I took the bottle and gave it to Maddie to finish and just held her there. In my arms. Her angel face asleep so peaceful in my arms. Holding onto my arm, snuggled in my armpit like her mother does. breathing deeply and peacefully. In my arms.
The emotions that swirled through me were overwhelming. I am still in shock that I have a daughter with fine, soft hair and a button nose. Me? God has trusted me with this little person, this miracle of curiosity and energy? I hope I am up for the task, because all I can offer her is all of my love. I know I don't know anything about raising a person into an adult.
Then I lay her in bed.

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loren said...

Those days were fun and busy... a they're all a blur! I can't remember much, so it's a good thing you're writing all this out now.