Sunday, March 30, 2008

already at spitwads

Kat is crawling everywhere and, wow, is she quick! Jill tells me that when she is crawling around, has to explore EVERYTHING. And put it in her mouth if at all possible. It seems that she has pulled down several pieces of paper, torn them up and made spitwads. She doesn't spit them out, yet, but Jill has pulled them out of her one by one. Too bad that one piece of paper was covered with Calculus homework.
Kat also has two lower teeth. She isn't really big on showing them, but she is more than willing to bite the hand that feeds her. Let me tell you that those two little fangs are sharp.
I bought a connector cord so that I could download new pictures of Kat. My bad that it was the wrong cord. She has grown so much since I last posted a picture.


loren said...

The Kat ate my homework?

K'man said...

I am SO trying that one the next time I hand in a paper either late or poorly done.