Tuesday, March 25, 2008

feeling of accomplishment!

It isn't much, but I got some things done this evening before blogging.
Got Kat home safe. A good start to a good evening. This was followed with getting her to take a nap. While she napped, I ate. And fed the dog.
When she woke up, she was hungry. So I gave her daily dose of medicine to her in two oz of formula, followed by a container of carrots. I need to remember that carrots stain clothes.
After she let me know she was done eating by grabbing the spoon and throwing it across the dining room, we played for a while in the living room. While playing, there was an unpleasant incident with the dog which resulted in the dog getting tossed outside. I didn't even have to say anything - she went right to the door. It really wasn't fair, Kat caught both ears and pulled. The bark/growl wasn't nearly as ferocious as it could have been. But Maddie knows that once she raises her voice, she goes outside.
Kat and I played for a while after that. I get the feeling that Kat takes after her mother. She is motivated and determined. She doesn't give up easy, no matter what task she has taken on. whether it is climbing me or climbing the piano bench. She will keep on trying.
After Kat played herself out and I got her in bed, I started picking up the house. I started with Kat toys. Moved on to laundry - taking out one load and loading another. Then I put the dishes from the sink to the dishwasher and picked up random pieces of paper that seem to accumulate whenever I bring in the mail.
Oh, and I play the inside/outside game with Maddie. She is convinced that whatever is happening on the other side of the door is more interesting.
When I find my USB to camera cord I will include several posts consisting of Kat pictures. Until then, you will just have to imagine the cutest little girl to capture her father's heart.

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Jenny said...

Isn't it nice when you finally get to accomplish things again!!!! It only gets better!!!