Tuesday, March 4, 2008


It is surprising what can motivate people.
I think it is always internal. A person has to motivate his or her self.
But what does it take to trigger that motivation.
Sometimes it is someone teasing. Or questioning your motive. Or being asked a challenging question that makes you think hard about the answer. Or realizing that you are dissatisfied with your situation. That you want more and you realize that you yourself are the answer.
Today was one of those days.
Joking comments were made. Teasing in fun. Then a question was asked that meant a whole lot more to me that the person asking it. It was a strange moment. My mind raced. It has been racing all afternoon.
This was one of those situations that made me sit down and think and write. What do I want and how do I achieve those goals. Identify the gaps, prioritize them, and determine actions that will help me bridge the gaps.
If it is to be, it is up to me.
I don't always like that saying. I know that it is true though. If you want something, anything, then you have to take care of it. Nothing happens until the dream and the desire is bigger than the comfort couch you have been slouching on. Once you clearly define the dream and the desire is overwhelming, nothing will stop you from realizing it. Keep the dream in front of you. Do whatever it takes to keep the desire burning hot. Make sure the goals are clear, defined, and have a date.
Someone once said to me, "Good is the enemy of Great."
What does that mean to you?

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