Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pictures of Kat

Kat is getting bigger.

Every week, Mom comes and takes pictures. Well, really what she does is a Win/Win for her and us.

Mom comes every Saturday to get her Kat fix. This gives her a chance to see how Kat is growing and what new little thing she is doing. I know I am amazed at the changes that happen each day. Mom gets a weekly snapshot of what is changing.

At the same time this gives me a chance to go to school and not strand Wife at home taking care of Kat all weekend long. Wife usually has 12 to 16 hours of homework to do and Kat really doesn't care. Kat wants attention. So with Mom coming, Wife can devote time to school.

We really appreciate Mom coming up. It makes schooling much easier for both of us.

Most of these pictures come from Mom. She does a much better job of picture taking than Jill or I.

The last picture is Kat trying her Hermione Granger pose on the broom. I am sure she will be in Ravenclaw or Griffendor when she grows up.

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loren said...

Definitely Gryffindor - she'll have her dad's wit and her mom's good looks. Isn't that what school's all about? Sorting the smart, good looking people out of all the dumb-as-rocks, ugly people?

BTW, I finally added your link to my page. I kept forgetting to do it! Can I still blame baby brain?