Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No one said it would be this much fun!

This past weekend was a blur.
Finals Friday night. Term paper/presentation Saturday. Saturday afternoon I was able to take my Scuba Renew class so I can dive in FL in April. Saturday evening a bunch of us from class got together in Walford to cut loose. Well, as much as I ever cut loose, anyway. And we grilled out which was wonderful. I found myself driving home at midnight after an evening of drinking. I had to stay that late to sober up before driving. Sunday at the crack of dawn, I throw my gear together for the pistol match I help put on each month. I was so tired that I fell asleep around 1130. At a pistol match with competitors shooting at the three stages about 20 yards away. Slept for 2 hours. People who saw me said I was OUT, oblivious to everything.
The first time I saw Kat after Friday when I left for work was Sunday at 5pm. She sounded horrible. Her chest rattled like the ford fairlane I had in college. And for the first time that I can remember, she didn't smile when she saw me; she was just miserable. I told Wife that Monday, Kat is going to the DR to see what is going on. Sunday night was miserable with Kat yowling and coughing all night long. Wife got the worst of it.
Monday, I ended up working til 9pm, made for a long day. When I get home Wife tells me that Kat has RSV and we have lotsa medicine to give her. The medicine must have helped cuz Kat slept for 6 hrs Monday nite. But Tuesday morning (my morning to take her to daycare) she was miserable and fought me about everything. Knocked the medicine dispenser across the room. Then knocked the bottle nipple full of medicine into her eyes, which made her scream. Then she was inconsolable. Except for Wife, Wife calmed her down. I was exhausted and running late for a meeting at work so Wife pushed me out the door as long as I promised to pick up Kat from daycare after work.
So I pick up Kat, NBD. Then I try to give her meds while feeding her supper. The howling starts all over. Once again, she won't calm down. When I try to put her down, she howls louder (which is amazing, the hearing aids are already turned off!). After about an hour of crying (me and Kat) Wife comes home. Within 10 minutes the crying is done. 10 minutes after that, Kat is asleep.
Exhausted and emotionally drained at 815, I go to bed. Wife, who is just as exhausted stays up to work on her program.
I cannot wait to see what today brings.

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