Thursday, February 7, 2008

sick of daddy

Seriously. For the last two weeks, Kat has puked her supper up on me.
Sometimes I am holding her in my arms. Sometimes she is sitting on my lap. But whatever the position and relationship, she manages to upchuck on me. Sometimes she has just eaten. Other times she at an hour before. (nasty)
Why? What is it about me that makes her need to regurgitate the contents of her tummy on me? (I am grateful that she doesn't do it in the morning when I am dressed for work)(So Far)
She is an absolute joy. She smiles at me. She smiles at Maddie. She laughs at everything.
But every evening for the last two weeks, she has barfed on me.
I swear she pukes more than a freshman in college.
Right now, I have a big stain on my pantleg from the two ounces she ate as soon as she woke up from her nap.
Does any one else have a 7 mo. old hurler?

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