Thursday, February 7, 2008

enough is enough

my plate of spaghetti;
School, work, maintain my half of household, new wonderful baby, husband, board member for club, laundry, no atm card, biz travel, truck in shop, $$ concerns, snow, ice, garage flooded and frozen. oh, groceries, overweight, need a haircut. bought a gas stove before I ran a gas line. selling guns to pay for stuff. valentines day. meet with builder for addition. finish roof expansion. antenna for awesome tv. work projects for job with no definition other than 'don't fail'. clean garage, clean red room.
her plate of chow mein;
mother of wonderful baby, work, school, do all the housework, read to baby, raise baby, wife, laundry, her half of household, $$ concerns, snow, husband insane, snow everywhere, ice everywhere, retirement planning. Gas stove in freakin' dining room, waiting for gas line. buying clothes for next winter while on sale. look at horse, convince kman to fence in yard.
our cup runneth over. I swear one more thing and I will lose it. I stopped making fuel, cut back on hobbies, don't visit buddy, haven't met with builder. At least April 12, school will be done and I can watch Kat full time while Jill is in school.

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