Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Isn't this special?

Kat woke up this morning at 3:07 AM. That isn't so strange as she did the same thing Monday morning. What is strange is that I was already awake, So I got up and tried to get her to go back to sleep. This is a significant accomplishment for me as I got out of bed before sleeping wife really woke up. This is maybe the second time I have managed this feat since we brought Kat home. Fast forward 10 minutes and she was awake again. So I went and found a different pacifier, plugged her in and soothed her back and quietly snuck out again.
Unfortunately, twice down and up the stairs has the effect of waking me up. Sure, I fought it. Laid in bed, closed my eyes. Controlled my breathing, pictured myself asleep with no worries. Rolled to a more comfortable position. Mentally relaxed my muscles, starting with my toes and working my way up to my brain. Pictured a calm summer sky toasty warm with no direct sunlight, sky getting dark. Rolled over to snuggle with sleeping wife. Started thinking about work. WORK. No, not work. Relaxing hammock. Beach in Hawaii. Power point presentation that needs to be modified by Wednesday. NO! Thinking about installing a banister on the stairs for when Kat gets bigger. Wait, what about sleep? I just went to bed at 1010 last night. Roll on my back and controll my breathing and think about....... What if I extrapolate the PPV from last year, add to it the price increase we avoided in November and continue a linear growth for the other divisions (cuz lets face it, we aren't doing any less business with any of the other divisions anytime soon) and cut SD to 25% of '07? That might work. Plus, don't forget to take the dog and pony over to Brian so he can see the show and offer his input on the color of background and size of font for the bullets for the presentation.
Kat is still asleep. Sleeping wife is asleep. I can hear the dog snoring. I, however, am awake. Thinking about what my boss (slave driving perfectionist) said about writing up a business case of why I want a part time specialist working with me to follow up with the programs that need to make changes and so far haven't. (See sidebar about dragging people to face things they rather wouldn't) Present case to boss, present case to boss' boss.
Quietly get out of bed. Come downstairs. I could remote into my desktop at work. At 4:15 AM. Or I could blog, keeping a little bit more of my time mine. Just because I am thinking about work doesn't mean I need to go to work now, does it? Besides, going to work in a pair of sweat pants and a robe is just a bit weird. (come to think of it, why is weird spelled that way? isn't it 'i' before 'e', except after 'c' unless it sounds like 'rain'? weird doesn't sound like rain)
I wonder if my alter ego, Senor Director Kevin wakes up at 4 AM and thinks about work? I hope so. I have maybe a half dozen projects I am thinking about. He has a hundred people working on a half dozen projects that all need to come together.
Well, it is almost 5AM. I suppose I better get ready for work.

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Jenny said...

"slave driving perfectionist" huh??? I certainly hope you're not referring to moi!