Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kind of a long day

Wife woke me up several times last night. Only fair, cuz Kat woke her up last night. A couple of posts ago I talked about Kat being healthy. Now she has some sinus junk going on that makes her not sleep well. She cannot breathe when she is laying down. Her solution - don't lay down. Unfortunately, her solution is hard on all three of us. Even Maddie seemed tired this morning.
I am in a hotel room in Silicon Valley. I was supposed to fly CID to Minn, then to SanJose. But my flight was canceled due to routine maint. Northwest is horrible about cancelling flights from CID to Minn. and they give the most lame excuse. Scheduled Maint. right. It all balances out, I got here thru Texas.
Just before I left this morning, I pulled Kat on my lap for a 10 minute hug. I don't know that she needed it, but I sure did. I have travelled a couple of times since she was born. But this time, leaving really bothered me. I smelled her hair and felt her soft skin and just HELD her. Soaking up the touch until I get to see her again. She most likely won't even be aware that I am gone. But I am very aware that I won't see her for two more days.

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