Monday, February 11, 2008

Never Lost

Well, hardly ever.
I am in S. Jose today where it is a sunny 68 degrees. After a slightly frustrating morning I decided to head back to the hotel. And rather than rely on a map I trusted myself to find my way back, much as a carrier pigeon finds its way home. And I did. Admittedly it took an hour to find the hotel. and I had to backtrack to the office. It did take an additional 20 miles to make a 4 mile trip. I drove around tonight afterwork, trying to re trace my lost route. I came to the realization that I drove around in a circle, always making a left turn because I thought THAT was the interstate I didn't want to go past.
Ever been in S.Jose? Or any big city in CA? There are about eleventeen different overpasses and underpasses and make a passes in this town. But every time I came to one, I turned left (hey, made sense at the time) because I didn't think I wanted to go beyond that one.
I normally do have a good sense of direction. And I can usually find my way back somewhere if I have been there once. But "I ain't as good as I once was" (to quote T.Keith)(Hey, there is another word that doesnt' follow the rules - I before E except after C unless it sounds like RAIN, just like weird).
Where was I? Oh, yes. While I still have a pretty good sense of direction I got to enjoy the LONG way back to the hotel today.
I understand it is snowing back in Eastern Iowa. Sorry 'bout that. I am not exactly comfortable here, either (another one!) First, I cannot pick up and snuggle Kat. On the bright side, this is TWO days in a row that she has not barfed her supper on me. Second,I cannot snuggle with Wife. That is tough. We have snuggled just about everymorning between snooze alarms for 14.6 years. Third (hold your tears) The Air Conditioning in the hotel isn't as good as I would like. Kinda loud and a bit warm.
More later, I am off to the pool, er, gonna do homework.

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