Saturday, December 15, 2007

Turkeys are back!

First, I wake up at 5am to Kat fussing just a little bit. 3 ounces later, I get to go back to bed. I am pretty tired after the team holiday get together last night. We LAUGHED for 4 hours straight! I wake up again at 830 when Jill rolls out of bed. As I stretch and look out the upstairs glass door to the deck, I see that I once again live in the most beautiful snow globe. Flakes, nearly as big as your hand, are gently drifting down from the skies.
Then I look over the hillside for deer. It is what I do. I love to see the wildlife on the opposite hill or in my back yard. And who greets my eyes but the flock of turkeys that has been so shy for a couple of years now. While I watch, they come down out of the woods, on the pond and on the dam.
We used to get to see the turkeys every week for a while. When we moved in, they would run across the back yard or wander around the gazebo all the time. I still remember the evening I stood on the back deck and watched the flock roost in the trees, something I had never seen before.
It is good to see them back. I counted over 30 turkeys over the next half hour. They meandered around the pond and dam, searching for food.
All the while, the giant snowflakes swirling around.

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