Monday, December 31, 2007

truck pictures

Since I posted about the truck roll last Friday, I have been inundated by hundreds of dozens (okay, two) of requests for pictures of my poor truck. Anyway, I don't have any pictures of the truck where it rolled on its top. But I stopped by the body shop Monday morning and took some pictures.
The roof is caved in between 1-6 inches depending on where you look. The front windshield broke in the crash and the drivers window broke but didn't break up until they flipped the truck over to tow it. The front quarter panel crumpled a bit. The back window didn't break, it pushed out from its mountings when the cab crumpled down from the top. Surprisingly, none of the little orange lights broke from the top of the cab. The body shop did call and ask if I noticed that the metal plates that I use for weight in the box had punctured a hole through the inner wall of the bed. Nope, I hadn't. They hadn't noticed it until they started taking stuff out of it.

The final estimate isn't in yet, but in talking to the insurance adjuster, they won't total the truck unless they find the frame is bent or the engine is broken. I guess running upside down can cause serious problems for the engine. While at the body shop I picked up some odds and ends that had been stashed in the truck. I was very glad to see them because the sherrif that stopped out said that frequently accident vehicles are burglarized while they are on the side of the road. With the ban on towing, there have been dozens of reports of a window being broken out and the contents taken. I am surprised the newspaper hasn't reported it.

The last picture is of Kat, 45 minutes after we were helped out from the truck by two good samaritans (whose names I do not know). She didn't seem very upset by the whole ordeal.

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