Saturday, December 22, 2007

SHE doesn't like being sick, either!

Well, lets see. So far we have found that prednizone makes Katerina very sick. I tried to give her some last night and she barfed everything in her tummy. It just kept coming out. Tried again this morning. Same result. So no more prednizone.

Katerina doesn't like the nebulizer, either. As soon as I lift it towards her face, the arms start swinging! I have to wrap my arms around her to keep her from pulling on the mask. The instructions say 12 minutes. TWELVE very long minutes. I don't like it when she is unhappy. She is feeling/sounding better. She isn't well yet, but on the road to recovery.

A friend pointed out that I am lucky to be on vacation for another week. This way Kat being sick doesn't impact my job. Jill and I don't have to juggle who stays home to take care of Kat. Joy. Cooped up in a house due to bad weather, with a baby that either is asleep (rarely) or crying or wailing. Incessant wailing. Here's to hoping she is healthy SOON!

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