Thursday, December 13, 2007

Good Mornings!

Some mornings, Jill and I have it all together. Relatively good nights sleep. Wake up to the clock in a good mood. She rolls out to shower while I head downstairs to let the dog out, warm a bottle and eat my cereal for breakfast. When she is out of the shower, it's my turn. Somewhere in all this we get Kat on the bottle and she (so far) always wakes up in a good mood. When she is done eating she lets the bottle roll away and she 'talks' to the baby in the mirror or the animals on the ark quilt, entertaining herself. Then I dress her after I am dressed and get her into the carseat and we scoot out the door. Hopefully to carpool with each other to work so Jill can take a nap and I get to spend an extra half hour with my best friend. Even if she is asleep.

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