Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ice storm cabin fever

Here we are, cooped up in the house. three loads of laundry, done. all dishes, done. Play with Kat and dog, done. Scrape off truck, done. fold towels & PUT AWAY (we never do this, living out of a laundy basket all the time), done.
While folding and putting away laundry, I folded up 7 pairs of underwear for me. When I put them away, they joined another 6 pair in the drawer. And SOCKS! I think I have 10 pair of work socks 5 pair of athletic socks and 10 pair of crew socks. no wonder my S&U drawer is crammed full. And since my mind always wanders, I wondered, "what is the right number of underpants a person should have?" Really, how often am I not going to do laundry each week. Especially the essentials like underwear. Is there a Lean Process that I can apply to my clothes so that I don't have so much money tied up in inventory? I have approximately 6 pairs of biz casual pants and maybe 10 shirts to mix them with. Functional if repetitive. And don't get me started on womens clothes. Seemingly countless styles and colors of socks and underwear and bras. multiple colors and styles of skirts and blouses and dress pants. Even half a dozen dresses. I cannot remember the last time she wore a dress. But, I must admit, quite a variety to choose from. No wonder it takes longer to "decide what to wear".
After laundry came wrapping Christmas presents. For me, a chore. Not a big fan of wrapping, especially solo and sober. Jill was upstairs studying for her class that starts in January. (I just checked and she really cannot even spell procrastinate) Wrapped for a while, got distracted by the 7 whitetail deer that 'snuck' across my back yard. I could watch them for ages. They meandered over to the scrub woods behind my garage and bedded down. No clear shot. (see picture on other post for woods)
Went outside and started the truck to scrape the windows. Took the opp. to walk the lane back to the evergreen trees. Yep, everything has turned to a sheet of ice. All of the rain has frozen.
Scraped the truck.
Came inside and checked my email. Found out that my backordered TV from Black Friday has been canceled by the company. Too much demand, not enough profit. Sorry, and all that. Grrr.
Oh, well. Just a TV. Not like I don't have a lot to do around the house.
Full Disclosure - Jill did not write this. I put her picture at the top to share Kat pictures.

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loren said...

There really is no right number of underpants. I've tried to figure it out. Turns out that however many pairs you have is how many days you will wait to do the laundry. Strange how that works!