Sunday, December 9, 2007

The latest girl in my life.

June 30, 2007 - Jill is due any day now. After running around doing chores, taking care of stuff I sit down to watch TV about 930. I push the button, the screen flashes an intense white, then nothing.

July 1, 2007 - Jill gives birth to a happy easygoing little bundle of joy we call Kat. Life will never be the same again.

Amazing how much your life can change from one day to the next, isn't it.

People were amazed that Jill and I decided to have children. For one reason or another, none of them really very good, we had always said that other people could have children but we weren't going to. Then, after 13 years of very happy marriage, we decided that maybe we had been a little hasty. Perhaps life could be better and more fulfilling. Not that we wanted for much. As a pair of DINKs, 'want' usually equaled 'got'.

So we talked about it. ALOT. How did we feel about this. Or that. What were we willing to give up. What would need to change. Should we move back into town. After a lot of uncertainty, we decided we would change our lives forever. So we rented an instructional video, practiced a few times, and voila! We were going to have a little person. Full time. No turning back. Our responsibility. And no matter how much we talked about it and thought about it, we had no idea. But we wouldn't change anything. Everything happens for a reason. For some reason, Jill and I needed to wait a while before Kat came along.

Kat is so much fun. Sure there are times (at night) when I wish she didn't intrude on my lifestyle so much. I really like my sleep. But she is amazing. She makes all kinds of funny sounds. She does funny things. She has really sharp nails. Then there was the time (hopefully only time) that she POOPED on me while I changed her diaper. First week she was home.

I find myself watching the clock at work for when it is time to go pick her up. Jill almost always takes her to daycare, I like to pick her up. When I get home I take her out of her carseat and walk around the house with her snuggled under my chin, held to my chest and feel the sensation of happiness flood my body. It is so fulfilling. I know she will grow and I cannot always do this, but I enjoy every chance I get.

Kat is getting alot bigger, and I haven't been very good about taking her picture as she grows. This is her first Christmas and we have been fortunate that we have had a few inches of snow so the back yard looks like a postcard. She won't remember it, but Jill and I will.

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