Saturday, December 8, 2007

Seven acres????

Hi there!
My name is Kevin and my wife Jill and I found a beautiful acreage in the woods back in '02 that we wanted to move to... and we got lucky because the couple living there were getting divorced. So after talking to the wife of the couple, Jill and I got the property in the divorce.
It has worked out well for us because we needed to get out of town. No yard, no space, no peace and quiet. Here we have the beauty of the outdoors. After a day in the rat race, we drive 1/2 hour and take a gravel drive and end up at home. In the summer time, you cannot see any of our neighbors houses. But you can see the woods and pond. And hear the neighbors goats.
You can take a deep breath and relax, letting the stress and pressure just puddle at your feet. At home, they just don't matter.
LIfe events
Back in June our T.V. stopped working. The very next day Jill gave birth to our first daughter, Kat. Kat is the most enjoyable full time hobby I can imagine. Before Kat I didn't understand what parents talked about.
Now that Kat is here, I have no idea what I wasted all of my time doing.
Anyway, I don't know what I will type or how often. But I hope people enjoy when they stop by.

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