Saturday, February 21, 2009

Spaghetti Manners

Ages and ages ago, when I wanted to impress my girlfriend, I made her a home cooked meal.
What does a guy make when he wants to make a meal?
The easiest meal for a guy to make is spaghetti. How hard can it be? Buy some meat, box of noodles, jar of sauce and some italian bread in foil. Wash pots and pans and silverware and plates and glasses so that they are noticeably clean.
Don't forget the wine. Something red, who cares what. Preferably not "Junkyard Dog Red"*.
The rest of the directions are, essentially, cook it and throw it together. Take pains to make sure the noodles are done well.
In retrospect, I cannot imagine why a woman would even fake acting honored by this cheesy offering, other than every relationship has to start somewhere.
Anyway, one of Kat's favorite meals is spaghetti. Wife makes the most awesome sauce from scratch. As I watch Kat eat, I think to myself, as long as her table manners don't change over the next 25 years, the 'make her a meal' date will make quite an impression.

*Got a bottle of this as a gift for Christmas with the price tag still on - 1.98 marked down from 2.99


Jenny said...

Geezsh. Don't you teach your kids any table manners? =) From what I understand, she will also take her plate and throw it when she's done, right? Her future boyfriend is in for quite a night! =)

dietrich509 said...

The reason I taught Brandon how to make a Thai stir fry was so that he could make something that stands out from everyone else. The first thing his present girlfriend said to me when introduced was "oh my God, that stirfry is delicious, it's my favorite". Now a year later, that same girlfriend begs "please teach him how to make other things".

Denguy said...

Oh, so messy. My daughter was like that--and still is to an extent.

The Microblogologist said...

Unfortunately for you they grow out of it right about when it is time they want to start dating, though of course it is almost never time for that as far as daddies are concerned ;).