Friday, February 6, 2009


I stayed home yesterday rather than try and share Kat's Cold with all of my deserving co-workers.
I woke up yesterday afternoon to the sound of Wife spraying Lie-sol on all surfaces I might have touched.
I had never seen her do that before. I wonder if she is turning into howard hughes?


dietrich509 said...

It is spelled Ly-sol you virus carrying, germ infested, typhoid Mary wannabe.

Anonymous said...

at 2pm aren't you at work? what are you doing blogging at work? squandering county tax dollars? Shouldn't you be in jail?

Jenny said...

You know what - Jeanne said that she assumed that Jill wouldn't be thrilled with having your germ-infested self at home. I think we both said "she'll probably send him to the basement and tell him not to come back until Spring!" Hope you're feeling better! And as for the anonymous comment, let anon know how many times you were there at 9pm, "donating" your time to work! =)

The Microblogologist said...

Hope you feel better soon! When I am sick I am a reverse germaphobe, I get all OCD and carry a spray bottle of isopropanol around and spray whatever I am touching. It made me famous with the pharmacy staff, lol. My favorite was so disappointed that I am not a regular germaphobe and don't carry the bottle around when I am not sick, hehe.