Sunday, February 22, 2009


Lately, we have discovered that Squawker will sleep in just about any position but on his back in his basket.
He will sleep on his side, either in my lap or on the couch.
He will sleep chest on my shoulder while I slouch on the couch or in the rocker.
He will sleep chest to chest on my chest as I take a nap on the couch.
He will even sleep scrunched up in a vinyl bean bag chair for hours on end with not a sound.

He will sleep folded over Wife’s arm as she works on her Calc II homework.

But put him in his basket for the night and 15 minutes later we hear, “uh, heh, mbmb, huh”
Not hungry, not wet, just doesn’t like the laying on his back position for long periods of time.
I cannot wait until he turns 5 and we can put him on his tummy to sleep for the night!


Jenny said...

I'm probably going to be arrested for saying this, but we put Tyler on his stomach for the night at 4 weeks, because of the same thing. DHS - come get me now! (And when we did that - he actually started sleeping for four hours, plus, at a time! Unheard of before that!) Keep in mind - just 10 years ago, the rule was to put them on their tummy.

WeaselMomma said...

Hey there. I'm not sure what tweet you saw. Not moving, Yet. The Mr. is still looking for work and we will go wherever he finds it. But are looking here too. Nothing yet. If I move to a better climate, I will never come back. That's for sure. PS, I didn't even realize you had a public blog. Dumb me.

dietrich509 said...

As I looked at these pictures again. I am reminded of a story about mailing a stuffed teddy bear all over the world and everyone sends their pictures of the bear to a website. You should try that.