Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sleeping Kat

I am amazed at this little girls need for sleep these days.
she has gone to bed by 7pm the last three nights and today, she took a 2 hr nap this morning after waking up at 730 (about 12 hrs of sleep last night).
Now, after lunch, she has gone down for another nap.
She is very fussy and acts as though she doesn't feel well but we cannot find anything specifically wrong other than she has about 4 teeth busting through.
Oh, and it seems like she is about 3" taller than last week.
I hope her brother is tall like she is.


The Microblogologist said...

Poor girl, hope she feels better soon!

Jenny said...

Sleep, sleep, let her sleep. There will be a day soon when she doesn't nap anymore, and you will want these days back... Though I do hope whatever she is fighting - she wins! The sleep will help!