Saturday, February 14, 2009

Aunt Gabs

Over the holidays Wife's best friend came to visit. I'll call her Gabs cuz she and Wife can talk for about 20 hours straight when they see each other.
Gabs blew into town with a lot of snow, just what a California girl needs when she comes to the friendly state of Iowa. In fact, I had to pull her out of a ditch when she got to the house.
In spite of that rough welcoming, when she got in the house you could see the sunny skies that she brought with her. With happiness shining out of her eyes and bursting from her smile she could warm the whole house and brighten the weekend. She looked fabulous and lighthearted and dominated the conversation with cheer.
Gabs and Kat had only met once before when Kat was a month old but Kat took to her like old true friends. Gabs of course spoiled her with laughter and gifts and Kat captured Gabs heart with her impish smile.
It is always good to see Gabs and we don't see her often enough. Back in her home, Gabs changes lives for the better with one class of students at a time. She is responsible for dozens if not hundreds of children having better skills and values as they move forward through life. She works with whole families from time to time when they have struggles. Goodness permeates her very being.
She went back into the cold that evening and drove back to her father's house. Maybe Wife will be able to visit her this summer and introduce her to Squawk.

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Mrs4444 said...

The world is such a better place with people like Gabs in it :) Just being around them makes you feel good.