Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 thigs meme

1 I enjoy being a dad far more than I expected
2 I find it SO relaxing to rest Squawk on my chest for the evening. I frequently fall asleep.
3 Altho I cannot control it, I get very frustrated with my hearing and am concerned that there will come a time I cannot hear my kids call to me.
4 Our trip overseas was one of the best times of my life! Family and new experiences shared with my best friend ever.
5 As you can tell from the previous item, Wife is my best friend. I share everything with her and would rather do things with her than anyone else. Alas, she doesn't want to sit in a deer stand and shoot deer with me.
6 Living in the country is rewarding and relaxing because it gives me the opportunity to spend time watching animals.
8 I try to always watch Groundhog Day on February 2nd.
9 At 6'5" I am way taller than my brother.
11 On both feet, the second toe is longer than the big toe.
12 I like most of Kurt Russell's movies - especially Big Trouble in Little China
13 I am so glad I found a way to prepare venison so that Wife likes it. Ironically, it is cheaper to buy cheap roasts and can them than it is to pay locker fees for deer.
14 I may very well give into Wife's persistent suggestion that we build another house.
15 Two kids is IT! Love em both - don't need more.
17 I miss my dog terribly.
18 I like the company I work for and tend to enjoy my work. I can see me doing this for 25 more years. It is challenging, never boring and I harbor the illusion that I can make a difference for the company.
19 I enjoy my big diesel truck. Paying less than $1.00gal is very satisfying. Smells good, too.
21 I waited until I was 21 before I had my first martini.
22 I find opossum repulsive.
23 I intend to install a solar hot water heater on the house either this year or next.
24 I would like to have a different hairstyle but Wife likes this one.
25 wear a size 15 shoe. And what they say about men with big feet is true - shoes cost a FORTUNE!
one extra - I cannot count to 25


loren said...

hahaha... Can't count, indeed, and what exactly do you do for a living again? Better not let THAT little secret get out before layoffs are announced.

I can see that you like being a dad. And I'm sure Squawk and Kat can as well :)

dietrich509 said...

I always enjoyed calling you Daddy when we lived together...

Karl said...

"way taller" he says as he sits in his tree stand looking down...... Nice perspective from my LITTLE brother ;)

Jenny said...

Is a "thig" like a "thug"?

Mrs4444 said...

You're so sweet, and you remind me of my hubby. We love venison, too. I'd like to suggest venison fondue, which we LOVE.