Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Goes by so fast

Mamatulip posted the other day. A wonderful post. Typical of her since she is usually funny and insightful. One of the sentances in her post was "Enjoy it. It goes by so fast you wouldn't believe it." Or something like that.
As I see Kat every day, I don't always realize that she is growing so fast. Then there are times I see her stand up in her crib when she wakes up and grins at me and I realize, "WOW, she is growing."
She still has her blue eyes that I was afraid would turn brown after a week. She still wraps me around her finger with the great big smile, so big that you can see it behind the binky in her mouth. Her whole face lights up with her smile. She is starting to test things; she still investigates everything; she still explores every boundry of her world. I think she resents that we don't let her eat from Maddie's dish. It is the first thing she heads for when she makes it into the dining room. (of course the dog eats in the dining room, we never sit down and eat in there)
We just got over a weekend of her not really feeling well. I think she is fake teething again. I hope she means it this time. It would be nice to see her with more teeth. She is teetering on the edge of walking. She stands and tests her balance. She will take her hands off whatever she pulled herself up with, wobble, then sit down. I know she will figure it out. People tell me that Wife and I will never know peace again when Kat is walking around. (I am not so sure I have known peace since we found out Wife was expecting)
She is growing up fast. And the 'first' experiences we are having run by so quickly. I enjoy watching her when she is experiencing and exploring. The world is a wonder to her and she is determined to experience all of it.
I don't have a picture to post today which is unfortunate because Mom took a bunch of wonderful pictures. For some reason, I cannot paste them here.
BTW, a shout out to MOM for coming to watch Kat this last Sunday. Wife and I were busy pretty much from sunup to sundown working on something. MOM watched Kat and kept her out of trouble for the entire day. And since Kat didn't feel well, she was pretty high maintenence this weekend. So thank you, Mom. For giving up your day to help us and allow us to get stuff done.

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