Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Just what I need. Like a hole in the head

I got called to the principals office at work this morning. So to speak. My phone buzzed in my pocket, I saw it was my boss so I answered it. "Come to the Director's office."
So I went.
Changes, there are a happenin'. I am not entirely sure if they are for the better, but I am such an idiot I never say no.
I spend the day trying to clean up loose ends. I have to tie off the project I am working on before starting the new one. I am more concerned about the new one than the old one. But I don't want to leave messes behind me so I try to do housekeeping.
At the end of the day while talking to Boss, I hear that I had better do a good job tying off the project I am leaving. I am being TESTED apparently. What does that mean? A test. Me being the person I am, I worry. I mentally make a check list of things I am NOT going to do over the next two days while I make sure I am prepared for the TEST. One of the last things I am reminded of before I leave is that I need to determine WHAT I want to do in my career.
Priorities first. I must go pick up Kat from daycare. So I skedaddle out the door with the TEST on my mind. I drive past the turnoff for daycare. Turn back around and pick her up. She is happy to see me but preoccupied with not feeling well. "I am pretty sure she is going to push those teeth through, soon. Maybe even all four of them." is what Daycare Lady tells me.
On the way through town I see the farmers market is open. Not many vendors but I stop to see what is there. Score! Way too much fresh spinach for $1.00. Then as I am leaving I see a slender bundle of flowers. $1.00/bunch. As I pay the lady, she hands me another bundle. "I don't want to take them home. Make your wife even happier," she tells me. Spinach and flowers for two bucks! Earning all kinds of points with Wife.
At home I am thinking about work. I need to get this done. It needs to be done right. What is the director really looking for. Why is this a TEST. What are the consequences for failing. A million questions on my mind.
To my surprise, Wife comes home much earlier than expected. After hearing me bitch, er, explain what is on my mind, she sends me back to work. Action is better than worrying is what she lives by.
I go in, work for a while, brainstorm and try and guess what I need to put together. Then come home. REALLY tired. When I get home, I have a couple of things in the garage that must be taken care of. And I need fuel for the truck. So I take care of that, too. Then I come inside, trying to be quiet because it is well after 10pm and EVERYONE is asleep. As I walk around to the kitchen island to get myself a tequila nightcap I notice the floor is damp and the cupboards under the sink are open and everything from under the sink is IN the sink.
And this is what I see.

Just what I need. Like a hole in the head.

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