Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fake Teething

Someone asked me what fake teething is. I referenced it in my blog a while ago and it must not be a common phrase.

Little Kat is doing what I call fake teething. It is where her gums swell up, she drools a lot, runs a low temp and is miserable. She wants to chew on a teething ring or an ice cube. She gives every indication that she is going to FINALLY pop out her two top teeth.

A week ago Friday, Wife and I took Kat to dinner with us. Just as they delivered our food, Kat erupted with everything she had eaten that day. Possibly everything she had eaten in the last 48 hours. It was a mess.

We took her home and spent the weekend with fussy, unhappy Kat. And with the amount of drool, chewing, crankiness going on, we thought, “hey she is going to pop more than just the top teeth, maybe another bottom pair as well. Or maybe all four top teeth. I seem to Recall Connor did that!”

Here we are, a week later and the Kat has two bottom teeth. That is it. No more. The same two bottom teeth she has had since she was born.

Fake teething. Acting like you are going to cut a tooth but are really just scheming ways to annoy your parents.

I developed this term because every other week for the last two and a half months we have gone through this little charade. And while I don’t WANT her to be miserable and uncomfortable, I wish she didn’t drag this out so.

Oh, well. We can do this next weekend as well.


Jenny said...

Go to Google and type in "fake teething" and see what comes up! =)

If it makes you feel any better - Connor got his 8 teeth by the time he was like 8 months old - and since then, nothing! We go through this "fake teething" for his molars every weekend as well!

Jenny said...

You've been "Pay it Forward Friday'd" by Jenny!!! Check it out at