Sunday, June 29, 2008


I named my blog “7acresofheaven” because it is so peaceful and removed from urban Iowa. Not that urban Iowa is anything like, say, urban CA. But I like being close to nature. Today, I have watched my little girl crawl around the house and explore everything. Again.
I also got to watch a trio of bucks in velvet skitter across my back yard just past the garden. Last weekend I watched mama doe with her dotted fawn drinking down by the gazebo (from the incredibly swollen flooded pond). The fawn was pretty typical for what we have come to expect. Jumpy, brainless, all leg, and absolutely adorable.
Yesterday I watched a pair of parent wrens carrying food into my clothespin bag that is hung on the back deck. It seems they made their nest inside the clothespin bag this spring. The benefit of them doing such a thing is that I get to listen to the wrens sing just outside my back door pretty much every morning I eat my cereal. And all day on weekends. (as I type this, the mama wren is outside my door twittering away)
All spring I have been watching three families of ducks that have been paddling around my pond with their baby ducklings. People should know that baby ducklings are INCREDIBLY cute. Especially when they are paddling along behind their parents across the pond. Strangely enough the ducks are three different types. There is a family of common ghetto mallards. Then there is a family of the most beautiful wood ducks. Then the strange family; a family of blue winged teal are raising a clutch on my pond. This is the first year for the mallards or the teal. I like it. It is really nice having the ducks stay for the spring and part of the summer.
Mowing the grass yesterday down along the ponds edge I spotted at least a dozen hundred bullfrogs trying to hide or jumping into the water to avoid me. And last night I went to sleep to the chorus of bullfrog Gregorian chant music. Which doesn’t do much for me but I guess it is the only thing bullfrogs know.
Anyway, this is all much more enjoyable than finding someone chucked a golfball at my house hard enough to leave a ¼” deep impression. Or coming home and finding 400 tulips cut down and left to lay in the beds. Or even going to sleep to the chorus of straight pipes leaving the biker bar.
This may not be heaven, but it sure is peaceful and relaxing.


Anonymous said...

Isabella's bedroom is closest to our pond, where several amphibians have decided to live. She is for killing all of them so she can get an uninterrupted night's sleep.


loren said...

hahaha... I want a ghetto Mallard.

"Quack, quack, m-f'ing quack, ya'll."

Sorry, I'm tired! :)

loren said...

Busy much? It's been awefully quiet...

The Microblogologist said...

Is this heaven?
No, it's Iowa!

This post begged for that quote. I so have to watch that movie one of these days.