Saturday, June 21, 2008

picture post

Here I sit in a hotel room in Steven's Point, WI. I still don't have 'net access back home, so I came up here to see if I could find it.
Really, Wife and I are here for the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair. We came her last time in 2003. Or '04. We aren't sure. Regardless, it is every bit as interesting this time as it was last time. Last time we were here, Wife discovered my new hobby. It took her a while to sell me on it, but I must admit, I am glad she did. We saw the guys from Azure Biodiesel out of Sully, Iowa show how easy it is to make biodiesel in the comfort of your own kitchen. Sure, they overlooked a few details and glossed over one or two other issues, but by and large making our own fuel is very rewarding.
This year, we are zeroing in on Solar Hot Water and GeoThermal. It wouldn't surprise me if we end up with our own collector sometime in the next couple of years.
More importantly, my Godsend of a Mother is watching our precious little action adventure while we are away this weekend. This is complicated by the fact that Thursday, Kat decided she was done with the FAKE TEETHING and decided to push out two top teeth. Not that we have seen them, she waited until G'ma took her home to get a fever, sickly, and cut two top teeth. So G'ma has been having a wonderful time.
Since I have been lax about posting, here are some Kat pictures.

This last picture is her most recent. She is displaying the attitude that lets me know that the next 17 years are going to be a real treat.


Anonymous said...

Gary Stuhr installed Geothermal heat at the home he built for his in-laws, they are happy with it. Anna said she enjoyed her visit last week.


loren said...

What a cutie!!! You DO realize you're about half an hour from where I grew up, right?