Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cooks Helper

The little girl has decided that each door and drawer is a veritable treasure to be explored. I think she is practicing for her chance to be on Drew Carey's "The Price is Right". Considering how many decades Bob Barker was on, it is very possible that Drew will still be hosting by the time Kat gets to be on the show.

For now, however, she is the explorer. She is so curious about everything she can get her hands on or into. Everything must be intently examined to see what it does or how she can use it to amuse herself.

Pots and pans are a big hit. They make the prettiest sounds when they are banged on with a fist or, better yet, the lid. She has even tried to sound the baby food jars on the pan.
When she grew tired of the pots and pans, she discovered another drawer full of fluffy folded towels! One after another after another comes out of the magic drawer of towels.
Tonight, whilst Mom was making Blueberry Walnut Banana bread, Kat just had to help. Do you need chocolate syrup? How about crackers? Maybe some instant pink lemonade? Surely some Splenda. Never mind how much mischief you think I am getting into, I think I am helping you. After all, how boring your life was before I came along. You didn't even know how good you had it before I could crawl and pull myself up. Just wait until I can walk and run on my own.
Fortunately for the Kat, she is pretty darn cute. When she turns those baby blues on us, all we can do is love her a little more.


loren said...

Oh my. The rotating cupboard of MESS.

She's so cute... how could you ever discipline her???

Jenny said...

Isn't it fun to just let them explore. They find things that are so fastincating!!!

By the way, is that a CAMO shirt you have on your beautiful little daughter!?!?!?!? =)